Haul Out

IMG_0930Tues 13 Jan
Crew: Gary and Tim
Course: from BYC to DSS

Yesterday morning Gary and Tim helped to get Ariadne’s Clew across the river to the Derwent Sailing Squadron in Sandy Bay, where she was hauled out on the slip for some much needed attention to her bottom! It’s around fifteen months since we took her out of the water for a scrub and a coat of anti-foul, and she was looking rather weedy! I had to get the blokes back to Bellerive to collect their cars so they could get to work, so I didn’t get a chance to measure the thickness of the layer of barnacles, muscles and other marine organisms that were coating her hull – last time we had a good ten centimetres of mostly muscles growing on the bottom of the keel. All that growth slows us down considerably, and it’s also essential to remove it all before we head south to Port Davey in a month or two – it is a biosecure region and we must do our best to avoid introducing any unwanted pests.

I left Ariadne’s Clew in the good hands of Jeff (Scrubber) and his mate and went to work and then to Tas Paints to grab a tin or two of anti-foul from Simon. When I drove by to drop the tins off to Jeff this morning she was sitting pretty in the sling with a very clean looking bottom and nicely polished sides. The only problem – last night we had nearly eighty mm of rain, and it was still falling. No chance of any painting today, and tomorrow’s forecast isn’t much better. I won’t be able to get her back into the water before I head off to Bruny Island for the weekend – unusually for me, by car this time – so I may have to rely on Gary and Tim to take her back over for me if Jeff does manage to finish the anti-foul before Derek returns from New York on Sunday.

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