Paint Job

Boat maintenance… don’t get me started!

There always seems to be something that needs doing. This week it was the timberwork. Our boat is fibreglass, but in the cockpit the seats and floor have lovely teak panels, giving the boat a bit of glamour, but also it’s a very practical surface. Hard-wearing and with good grip – that’s essential when the boat is wet and wobbling around. We also have a teak toe-rail on the edge of the deck (a little barrier so you don’t slip off!) and handholds on the cabin top, as well as a few other places. Nice timber details, but all this has to be maintained.

The boat arrived with fresh untreated timber. We had two choices – let it age and grey naturally, or treat it. We tried the first option until it began to look a little dull. Since then we have been trying new products, letting them wear, removing them and trying another. Lots of sweat and elbow grease, and time we’d rather be spending sailing.

This time we thought ‘bu@$!?% it!’ and handed the job over to ‘Scrubber’ Jeff and his mate Jack. This is what the boat looked like when I visited today. Never looked better!

IMG_0975 IMG_0976

Thanks Scrubber! Worth every cent.

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