Waiting in Wombat Cove

Wednesday 11 March
At Anchor: Wombat Cove
Winds: Gusty, 20+ knots

It looks like we are holed up for another few days at anchor here in Wombat Cove. We spent the morning below decks listening to the wind whistling to and fro in the Cove. It was a day for relaxing, reading, writing and board games.

In the afternoon I baked lemon cake and we invited Michael and Bruce from Alpine over for afternoon tea. We passed some hours merrily chatting about boats, boating and politics, and as well as enjoying tea and cake. We then moved on to the remnants of our cheese supply and the nice bottle of pinot gris I’d been saving up.


Thursday 12 March
At Anchor: Wombat Cove
Winds: Still gusty, 20+ knots

Our last day waiting out the weather in Wombat Cove. It rained on and off – what’s new? We have now come to the conclusion that it rains down here in the south-west every day whatever the season, even if it’s only a short shower.

We have decided that Friday is our weather window (in terms of wind rather than rain) and the earlier we get away, the calmer the weather will be around South-west Cape. Late in afternoon we undid the shore-lines ready to make a quick getaway in the morning. As the day wore on more and more boats of the ‘Spanish Armada’* amassed in Schooner Cove, just across the Bathurst Channel. They are also due to leave tomorrow. After dinner we got all our safety gear out, prepared bags of nibbles and stowed everything securely. Derek set the alarm for 4am. Not looking forward to that!

*Van Diemens Land Circumnavigation Cruise

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