A Beautiful Blue Day

Next morning after breakfast Susan and I were itching for some activity, so we took the dinghy ashore, landing at a less weedy spot this time! We walked to French’s Farm alongside the river which was brim full – almost overflowing onto the track. A couple from a nearby boat (quite a number had come in to anchor since we arrived) were paddling their stand-up boards up river and we exchanged pleasantries. The last time we were here Anne and I had kayaked up the river and found an excellent swimming hole, though today it looked a lot deeper.

At the old farm house we found a party of tents but no campers – off on a walk no doubt. The farm was only abandoned in 1976, when the family moved all their stock to the mainland. This means that when I first visited as a child they must have still been here, though I don’t remember coming this far south at the time. The old shearing shed is slowly weathering away, though it must have been a fairly makeshift construction to begin with, looking at the remains. It does make an interesting study for a budding photographer though – shame I’m not one!

We did meet quite a few campers at Encampment Cove this morning, and chatted briefly when we returned to the dinghy. Back on board Susan and I decided on a second (refreshing!) swim before it was time to leave for Triabunna where we would drop Susan off so she could get back home in time to host a New Year’s Eve party at her place!

Outside the bay we were met with a brisk breeze and hoisted the sails to skip across to Louiville Point. Susan helmed most of the way, and was getting the hang of it nicely by the time we entered Spring Bay. It was a beautiful blue day on the water and we passed plenty of tinnies out for a fish. At Louisville Point we ‘borrowed’ a mooring and offloaded Susan (along with a bag of rubbish – thanks Sue!) at the jetty via the dinghy. She was met by Sarah, Roy and a very muddy Stanley (fresh from the Falls Festival). We waved goodbye and motored further into the bay to look for somewhere to spend the night. After finding the shoal on the south-west side of the bay (oops, just a little kiss of the keel) we decided on the anchorage to the north-east side between Horseshoe Point and Deep Water Jetty. Hesitant to ‘borrow’ a spare mooring overnight we anchored hear the jetty in between the moorings and got a good grab on the anchor first time. Here we settled down for a quiet New Year’s Eve. The jetty is a favoured fishing spot and we watched as local fisher-people came and went all evening. We didn’t witness too many fish being landed, however they were keen as when we turned in for the night at least three were still out there at it.

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