Wineglass Bay and the Best Swim

Expecting the weather to change to a south-easterly we anticipated the swell would drop out during the day (Monday), so we planned to stay another night here, giving us all day to laze around and enjoy the spectacular location. The morning dawned grey and drizzly (again!) but it soon cleared to a bright sunny day. After attempting to move the boat further around the corner with no luck we returned it to the same spot! This spring we had some big seas and the entire dune is eaten away along the whole beach. The steps to the campsite at the south-east end of the beach have been washed about 200 metres away into the river-mouth. Quite a lot of the missing sand must have ended up in the corner of the beach as it proved a lot shallower than last time, when we were able to anchor right in the corner.

Happy back where we began (though a little closer to one yacht the crew of which seemed a bit nervous at our movements) we took the dinghy ashore and went for a walk to find a bit of beach to ourselves (joking! there is a lot of beach and most of the visitors come by foot and stay around the northern end). About half way along the beach Derek sat in the sand and read while I plunged into the very refreshing (ie even colder) and beautifully clear blue water. The first dip was very quick – I could feel my body-temperature dropping fast! But soon I got acclimatised and wallowed in the pleasurable salty experience. In the end Derek couldn’t get me out and I swam most of the way back to the boat. This was definitely the best swim of the trip so far. On the way I looked up to see a sea-eagle circling overhead, and watched his flight. Amazing how they glide the air currents. Luckily he didn’t think I looked like a tasty morsel!


I found the most perfect tiny sea urchin on the beach

We ate lunch back on board then returned to shore to tackle the lower slopes of Mount Graham. The track rises steeply and soon between the trees we could see the azure waters of Wineglass Bay with our boat sitting pretty in front of Mount Dove. We enjoyed walking amongst the gums, tea-tree, native cherries and banksias, all green and lush from the recent rains. A few wildflowers were persisting too, including some spectacular pink orchids and trigger plants. We continued up to a ridge where we could see a vista of Mount Graham and across the sparkling blue of Great Oyster Bay towards Swansea and the coast.

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