Apologies to Scrubber

Early Thursday morning we received an anguished call from ‘Scrubber’ Jeff – he hadn’t expected us to be racing on Wednesday night, and the unfinished painting job had been set back by our activity. It had been a case of miscommunication, the unfortunate result being more work for Jeff and his team on Thursday.

I swung by the  boat on my way home to meet Derek and have a look. Jeff and crew had spent the day hard at work sanding and adding as many coats as the timber could take. Fortunately we don’t have a lot of timber-work on deck, but even so it is a constant battle to keep it in good condition. Hats off to the many boaties preparing their timber boats for the Wooden Boat Festival next month!

From the start we’ve been deliberating the merits of leaving the timber to turn grey and weather, versus continually cleaning, sanding and re-coating. We’ve tried out just about every product you can buy. From stained to clear, permanent to wear-off, locally produced to imported and more. Seems there’s no easy answer.

This time we had planned to go for an untinted product, so that it doesn’t go patchy with wear, and re-coating is easier. However, we were confused by the name. Seems that ‘natural’ is a tinted natural-look product, and we should have bought something labelled ‘clear’ instead. Oh well. It looks great… for now. We’ll see what happens in six months or so. Thanks Jeff and co. We’ll keep in touch.

Product: Semco Teak Sealer in ‘Natural’
Painter: Jeff ‘Scrubber’ Richardson and crew.

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