Lucky Last?

This week we were back to a full fleet for Wednesday’s twilight race. Under leaden skies we set off with a full complement of crew on board – well, we were missing Willem this week as he’s had an unfortunate windsurfing accident: a close encounter with some oysters – ouch! Hope he has a speedy recovery. With Tim, Jess, Nick, Lachlan, Rohan, Derek and I we were well covered.

Our course for the night was H for Hotel – the photo below shows the little blue start box on the foreshore, positioned at one end of the start/finish line, displaying our course letter on a card, as well as flying the ‘H’ flag and our division flag, on the mast above. All yachts must also keep outside the green flag in the water – the other end of the line is a chequered buoy a good way off!


Course H sent us first on a ‘sausage’ to mark B2 and back, then on a triangle to mark X in the middle of the river, back to B2 off Bellerive Beach and back to the finish. With fairly light and variable winds we slowly ended up at the back of the fleet… though we weren’t lonely, as the other divisions on different courses made for a busy river. The grey skies, steely blue water and purple hills made for dramatic scenery.

Tim showed off his new haircut to best effect, though not everyone looked impressed!

Sadly our result was not so good – 16th out of 16 starters. We put this one down to ‘working on our handicap’. The mathematicians amongst us were quick to point out that our results pattern – 2nd-last, 2nd, last… – puts us in position for a win next week! Here’s hoping.

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