Morning Musings

It is early morning and I’ve come up on deck to enjoy the view. We are anchored off Simpsons Point, South Bruny Island. The water is glassy, and I can see the passage of the slightest puff of wind as it travels across the surface. Sounds travel from the nearby bushland. Occasionally a fish surfaces with a splash.  I’m reading when I hear a thrum approaching from the south. I turn to see a huge flock of cormorants approaching low on the water, their white under-parts glinting in the sun. The flock parts around the boat, then re-forms, slows and one by one the birds splash into the water close to the point.


A movement in the nearby trees catches my attention. It’s a white-bellied sea eagle come to join its mate perched less than a hundred metres from where I sit. The two of them sit so still in the treetops that they merge into the grey trunks. I pull out the binoculars for a better look. It is so still I can hear bird calls from all along the coast. In the grass I see a tiny flash of sunlight reflected, perhaps in a bird’s eye as it forages on the ground. A snap in the tree-tops makes me look up and it’s a sea-eagle I’ve heard launching into flight from its perch. It soars below the tree-tops, perhaps surveying the water for breakfast, and alights in a tree further along.

This is one of the reasons I love sailing – waking in a still anchorage right in the middle of nature. We had arrived late in the afternoon and found more than twenty other boats anchored along the shoreline. This is crowded for Tasmania, but to be expected during the Easter break, as everyone with a boat tries to get away for their final escape before winter sets in. Despite this every boat has plenty of room and thankfully none of our neighbours were loud party-boats. Before dark I had an essential task to perform. Our anchor light at the top of the mast wasn’t working, so Derek winched me up to replace the globe. A better scenario than me trying to winch him up, and thankfully I’m not afraid of heights. The view from the top is quite something I can tell you – though I didn’t take a camera up to get a photo.

Soon boats are beginning to make a move, rattling up their anchors and motoring slowly away. We’re assured a stunning day on the water, even if we don’t find enough wind to sail.

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