Sunday in Surges Bay

On Easter Sunday we sought out a spot to try out our new dive gear. Instead of heading back to Ninepin Point Marine Reserve, we thought an easy spot for my first dive would be Surges Bay, a very sheltered anchorage further up the Huon River. Here Derek and I donned our wetsuits – an exhausting 20-minutes of tugging and squeezing for me (the salesman insisted this was the correct size and I admit, once it’s on it fits fine!) – and we hopped in. It took a bit of adjusting of our weight-belts to stop me bobbing like a cork on the top. Below the surface we were expecting more river water to mean more tannins staining the water brown, but what we didn’t expect was the soup-like quality with so much gunk in suspension. Visibility was only around a metre. We descended to around six metres but it was dark and murky so we gave it up as a bad idea. Next time we’ll find a spot with clearer water – and far away from any fish farms!

We spent the day chilling out. The wildlife was not so chilled out though, with a flock of at least fifty crows hanging around to hassle a family of sea-eagles taking junior out for a training flight. The caws and honks kept us entertained all afternoon and into the evening.

Next morning we dropped Anne and Andrew off at their car and made the long trip home, motoring all the way, with some assistance from the sails. Back in the Derwent we encountered the new fast-cat, Molslinjen, doing sea-trials. It powered past us doing 42 knots.

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